Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in Pharma refers to the use of automated algorithms to perform tasks which traditionally rely on human intelligence.  Over the last five years, the use of artificial intelligence in the pharma and biotech industry has redefined how scientists develop new drugs, tackle disease, and more.
By analyzing patient data from medical and medication errors, readmission root causes, and other internal and external databases, AI will one day identify and prevent high-risk patients from developing complications, provide prospective care guidance, and diagnostic support, among many other clinical applications.
AI and ML have been critical in the pharmaceutical industry and consumer healthcare business. They are playing an important role during this pandemic, driven by COVID and the race to discover effective vaccines.

  • Disease Identification/Diagnosis
  • Digital Therapeutics / Personalized Treatment/Behavioral Modification
  • Drug Discovery and Manufacturing
  • Predictive Forecasting
  • Sensory Models 
  • AI in eye-tracking

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